Hi there and welcome to Opakuma, the home of stylish, fun and functional bags, accessories & gifts that l hope you will enjoy as much as l do.

Hi, I’m Robyn, a devoted mum, wife and now, crazy small business owner. The idea of starting my own business was something I had been thinking about for several years.  Finally in 2015 after tossing many ideas around, and my family constantly saying “give it a go” l took the big step, and Opakuma became a reality.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel extensively. This love of travel, together with the need to be organized, is what drove me to developing and sourcing many of the products now available through Opakuma.

The Opakuma range of products reflects my passion for quirky, useful things – just a bit different from what you would typically see in stores and has been developed based on much personal experience of not being able to find ‘just the right’ item for my needs.

All items in the 2go and 2specs range have been designed by me here in Melbourne after many months of trial and error. Both ranges are fun, functional and stylish offering many bag and pouch options to suit your needs.

The 2give range is where you will find some of the fun, quirky items I have found throughout my travels. These are items that have worked for me, so I know they will work for you too.

So welcome to Opakuma. Please take your time to look through my store and if you have any questions, please email me at sales@opakuma.com

Happy shopping

P.S. Opakuma = possum in Hawaiian – (Possum being my childhood nickname & Hawaii, my most favourite destination) … both very special to me.